Thursday, November 2, 2006


Been so busy the past few weeks. My dubbing projects have all started. Two at Roadrunner and two more at Twenty Plus. It's a blessing, and one should never complain. But I must admit that it can get exhausting. Driving to and from Makati almost everyday...what a feat.

But I love my job. I don't consider it a sideline anymore. It's my work. It's my career. I enjoy the acting, the drama. I enjoy being the star, the bida, even if it's just my voice they're hearing.

I've been thinking of resigning from radio and concentrating hundred percent on dubbing. It's going to be a big jump, a great risk. I also love radio. But I find more fulfillment in being a voice talent, a dubber. Maybe because in dubbing, I feel important. I play a big role. I'm needed.

I don't know...

So I just sigh...and let things be for a while.


I miss a lot of things lately...

Free time.
Nights-out with Pam.
Hours of talk and good food with my besty.
Holding hands with my man.

To compensate...

I shop!

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