Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a girl wants...

Admit it. Us girls, we always want...

Sweet surprises! An unexpected visit, a gift for no special occasion.
Guys to open the door for us. Or give up his seat. Or let you have the last piece of cake.
Or let you wear his jacket even if he's freezing to death.
Guys who always text back.
Guys who'll text you first.
Guys who'll call you more often.
Guys who love you more.
Guys who make a fuss over how they look when you're going out. Just the way we fuss over our dresses and our hair, even if he never notices. Just so we know he wants to look good for us.
Guys who notices our hair. Or the new blouse you bought just for the occasion.
Guys who act polite, even if they're steaming with anger.
Someone who will treat us right.
And love our family. No matter how insane they are.
Time. Lots of it.
Love. Lots of it.
Blame it all on yourself 'cos she's always a woman to me.

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