Thursday, August 30, 2007

Powerbooks is on sale, so my beau and I bought a few reads yesterday at their Shangri-La branch. Guess what I got? A couple of Nancy Drew books! The classic hard-bound ones. :)

nancy drew 2 nancy drew

I remember when I was in fifth grade. We didn't have money to buy pocketbooks, so I just borrowed the classic Nancy drew books from the library. They had the complete set (or almost complete), and I remember reading it all from 1 to 60 or 70 something, can't really remember. But I read them all. And I simply adored Nancy Drew!

So when I saw them yesterday, I was happily reminded of my younger years, and I knew I had to grab as many as I could. And the never-ending sleuthing begins!


Over lunch at Chocolate Kiss today, my beau and I talked about life (as always) - experiences, ideas, and the reason why I wrote this entry - career. I found myself telling him na sana my family would just put up a high school and I'll just work there. And I actually meant it.

Don't get me wrong. I love my job - as a dj. But as a manager - wow, it's exhausting! True, I am merely the assistant station manager, but still - handling the jocks, keeping the peace, coming up with meetings, putting things into action, acting according to your position, making sure you're worth what they're paying you - it's a tough job. I'm not really complaining. It's just that if I had a choice - I WANT TO START DOING SOMETHING ELSE.

1. I want to be a cook.
Actually, I want to be a chef. But I guess I have to start with being a cook first. :) I want to take up culinary arts. Learn to bake, learn to make scrumptious meals. Not just cook but to know also how to present food in such a way that nobody can ever resist. Then I want to have my own restaurant. I'll bake my own desserts, and if ever I have dayap cake, I'll make sure to call it Tangy Surprise to make it more interesting. :)

2. I want to study fashion design.
Yes, I want to be a fashion designer.

3. I want to learn how to speak fluent French and Spanish.
Admit it. This is absolutely impressive!

4. I want to own my own hotel.
Well, you'll never know. Dreams can come true!

I want to start doing something else but I don't know where to begin. I just know that, if I say...

"I'm the assistant station manager of Wave 89.1" people will go - "Wow" or "Really"


"I can speak French." people will go - "Ooh, impressive!" or "Brilliant!"

"I'm a cook." people will go - "How interesting! So what is your specialty?"

Much better.

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Claud said...

I also remember how I would borrow Nancy Drew books from the library when I was in elementary. I liked it so much that at some point, I also wanted to be a sleuth when I grow up!

Oh, I can't wait for the Nancy Drew movie. (: