Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally...a holiday!

Radio jocks don't usually have holidays. We go on-air even on Christmas and New Year's Day. The only holiday we get to enjoy is the Holy Week. Holy Thursday and Good Friday, when the stations go off the air. This is when we say kudos to the Catholic Church. Without the Holy Week, deejays like myself will have to work all days of the year. That would've sucked. So for having this season in your calendar, Church, you rock!


During the Holy Week, a lot of people leave the city in search for some sun, fun and frolick at the beaches or some foreign country. Some stay in the metro to go around churches, the usual Catholic ritual of visiting seven sites. (I can't remember if it's seven, though. Correct me if I'm wrong.) Some just go for R&R at home, or in hotels.

As for me and my sisters, we PHOTOSHOP! :)

The big EAP project we're working on is still...well, on. We're editing the graduation pictures of all 2,800 students of AICS, and we're not done yet. We've finished more than half though, and that's already a good thing. 4 branches left, so that's about 1,000 photos. I think we pretty much can finish that by Saturday, what with four diligent people working on it: me, Adie, Andrea and Alvin.

It's a tedious project, but who's to complain? It's a big blessing. So since the Holy Week is a time for reflection, I'm reflecting on how good God is to our events team. Thank you, God!


Sometimes when we thank people, we feel so much appreciation that we wish them to be blessed even more.

"Thank you! God bless you!"

What if we're so thankful to God?

"Thank you, God! God bless you!"

Just thinking out loud. :)

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