Sunday, April 19, 2009

Count your blessings.

I had my car washed the other day at our usual place, at Petron Don Antonio. There's this tomboyish-lady who always makes sure my car is extra clean and shiny, without a speck of dirt left. Here's how our little chat went that afternoon:

Lady: Ma'am, sa inyo pala iyang school na iyan. (points to the AICS signage above the wall. Our commonwealth branch was right beside the gas station.)

Me: Oo nga.

Lady: Yaman talaga ng pamilya niyo, ma'am.

Me: Hindi naman.

Lady: Ma'am, baka kailangan niyo ng janitress diyan. Ako na lang ang kunin niyo.

Me: Sige, sasabihin ko sa Dad ko.

Lady: Ano bang kailang pag nag-apply ng janitress? NBI clearance yata. Meron ako nun.

Me: Naku, hindi ako sure eh. Dibale, babanggitin ko sa Dad ko. Sabihan kita.

Lady: Sige, ma'am, ha. (then she looks at the other car wash boys listening to our conversation) O diba, janitress diyan. Ayos yun!


Our conversation left me thinking. Nakakatuwa noh? Maging janitress lang siya sa school namin is already a big deal for her. It would already be something that would make her happy, and grateful.

Samantalang tayo, those who are blessed with so much, ang dami nating reklamo sa buhay. We're never content. When God gives us a thousand bucks, we complain and ask for a hundred thousand more. When God blesses us with good health, we complain and wish we were better. When there's more than enough food on the table, we wrinkle our noses and crave for something else. When God gives us a good job, our hearts grumble with discontentment and wish we were somewhere else with better pay or better workmates.

Wouldn't life be so much better if we had joyful and thankful hearts? If we counted our blessings more often? If we kept track of all the things we have, instead of all that we lack? If we thanked God for all His blessings in every prayer, instead of complaining and asking for more?

Minsan siguro kaya ayaw na tayo i-bless ni Lord. Kasi He already gave you so much to be thankful for, but you don't see them, or refuse to count them as graces, and ang dami pa nating hinahanap. So siguro hinihintay muna ni God na mag-thank you tayo, and rejoice with what we have, before he grants more of our wishes.

So why not start now? Make a list of all the things you should be thankful for. Even the smallest of blessings. Your family, your home, your friends, your job. Wala kang sakit. Wala kang kaaway. Wala kang problema. You'll be surprised when you go through your list. You'll realize how much you're blessed, how fortunate you are compared to those who don't have enough.

My mom always tells us, kapag hindi ka marunong magpasalamat sa Diyos, baka kunin niya yung blessings mo at ibigay sa iba. So bago pa gawin ni God yun, mag-thank you ka na. And feel your heart become lighter.

Thank you, God! God bless you!


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cpsanti said...

this is a nice post ;-) we do have to stop complaining and start counting our blessings ;-)