Monday, April 27, 2009

Congrats Team EAP!

For wrapping up another successful project. Woot woot! Actually, we're still finishing the last few stages of it, but the exhausting part is over. Sabi nga ni Alvin, pagoda cold wave lotion kaming lahat! Hehe.


We took care of the graduation pictures / grad photo coverage of all the AICS branches this year. Three months of non-stop hard work! Whew! I'm so proud because we accomplished everything on our own, just the 5 of us. For the grad ceremonies, we got a really good photographer friend of mine to help out - Vida Tan. Thank you, Ate Vida! Next year ulit ha. :)


And congratulations, kudos, props, salutations to Team EAP! Job well done!

This ain't your ordinary events team! Events at Play Events + Prod. Inc. is comprised of Alvin, Anne, Adie, Ant and Andrea.

Check out all our kulitan photos!

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