Monday, January 16, 2006


Christmas and New Year was spent with family and friends. People I love the most. And although I overstretched my budget by getting gifts for too many people, it’s all good. It is always better to give than to receive. Besides, God has been so good to me, and to my bank account the past year.
xmas date Annual Xmas Dinner with my besty and her hubby.
xmas date 4 Enjoying the night...
xmas date 3 ...and celebrating love & friendship!
xmas date 2

Fun at Enchanted Kingdom!
enchanted 2

hotel 2 Relaxed at the Discovery Suites before New Year's Eve.
hotel 3

2005 has been a wonderful year. A year of blessings, learning, love, family, friendships and milestones. One of my biggest blessings? My KBP Golden Dove trophy for Best Radio Jock.
my trophy


After gym, I always grab a latte and a sandwich at Gloria Jeans and eat in the car before heading home. This short time alone is always an opportunity for reflection. I was thinking the other day how God has been good to me, and how kind life has been. There are so many things to be thankful for. Like the family I’ll be coming home to after I finish my sandwich. I have a fiancĂ© who loves me like crazy. A bestfriend I can always depend on. More good people around me than fake ones. Life is wonderful. And God is good all the time.

I was also thinking of the 200 bucks I shell out everyday, after my workouts. Plus the money I spend on lunch, or a quick snack after boardwork. Or the Baileys I share with Ida, for no special reason. Isn’t that something to be thankful for, too? Money to spend on food. I know there are others out there who limit their meals to 30, 40 pesos each day. When you have more than enough, isn’t that one big reason for you to thank God more and complain less?


They say advertisers spend less on radio now because "nawala na ang mga so-called GODS of radio." Everybody sounds like a neophyte, they say. I wonder. These "GODS of radio" started out as newbies right? They weren't born as GODS, unless they ARE God Himself. Everyone starts at the bottom. Then they work their way up. So what if we're young and new? Didn't a newbie bring home the 2005 Best Radio Jock Golden Dove Award?


I welcomed 2006 with a new do - CURLS! And I just love 'em! :)
curls 2

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