Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dressed to Kill 5


Rye and I hosted the traditional fashion event of Kalis 7.0, the biggest airsoft competition of the year. It was dubbed D2K5 (Dressed to Kill 5). The Amoranto Stadium was packed with people who looked like authentic soldiers. It was pretty fascinating. I'm not really into airsoft because I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of guns, real or not. Rye's friends are encouraging me to join. I have yet to gather my courage and overcome my fear. But anyway, I had a great time hosting their event.

Hosts Anne & Rye
Hosts Anne & Rye

Shoot em up!
These guys are actually the real thing. Airport Anti-terrorism sumthn sumthn. Cool!

Smiling soldier :)
This guy had a lot of fans. :)

Santa goes to war
Can you tell if they're for real or for show?

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