Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Kikay Ukay Ukay

Nadine and I had an ukay ukay last Sunday in BF QC at the Holy Spirit Christmas Bazaar. It was our first time to do so, and for such newbies, our event was a success!

We called it the KIKAY Ukay Ukay.

The Kikay Ukay Ukay

The Kikay Ukay Ukay

Super bargain as in! And mind you, our clothes are all branded!

Bargain clothes

Shoes galore! All footwear sold at 200.

Shoes anyone?

Sold this original Tommy Hilfiger handbag for just 200. This was the very first item bought! :)

Sold this orig Tommy Hill for just 200

Dresses for only 200!

Tops galore!

Tops and dresses sold at 100-200. Trinkets for less than 50!

Trinkets for less than 50!

Sold out lahat! Eh pano naman, ang gaganda ng mga tindera...

The beautiful tinderas - me and Nadine!

Total earnings:

Me - PHP 9,700.00
Nadine - PHP 4,500.00
More room in our closets, and more money to shop for new stuff!

Next year ulit mare! :)

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