Friday, July 3, 2009

Lighten up, will ya?

A colleague told me that only brainless gits would enjoy watching Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Well then, I guess I'm proud to say I'm part of that society of dimwits because I found the flick quite nice. It wasn't Oscar material, true. The plot wasn't very complicated. But hey, it is a movie based on a cartoon. (A cartoon for kids, at that.) Why expect to be intellectually stimulated? You should've seen Schindler's List instead. Or better yet, you should've stayed home and worked on a crossword puzzle. Or played chess.

I was impressed by all the technical stuff of the movie: the sound effects, the graphics, the way the robots transformed. And the story wasn't so bad, too. They just focused too much on Shia and Megan, though. There could've been more "transforming." But overall, it was still pretty cool and entertaining. And yes, I enjoyed it. In fact, my beau and I are going to watch it again later! Yey! To the brainless society out there - let us unite! Hahaha!

And to you who's so wound up it's a wonder you can still breathe, take it easy! Life isn't all about solving complicated things. Sometimes it's fun to sit back, kick your shoes off and laugh out loud like a little kid! (And enjoy the shiny robots, too!)


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