Thursday, September 24, 2009

September updates...

I think many of you would agree that one of the most unpleasant of life's experiences is those trips to the dentist. I just came to visit mine. In all fairness, Doc Trina is such a lovely lady who's always smiling and treats you warmly like an old friend. So it lessens the dread of the whole open-your-mouth-wide ordeal.

So I had teeth cleaning. I was so proud of myself when Doc Trina told me that my teeth and gums are A-okay! No need for fillings or root canals. Thank you, God!

Now, I'm smiling with confidence!



I can't believe you're saying goodbye, partna! Rye has been my radio partner for the past, what, four years? Until we were placed on opposite ends of the day this year. I remember our last boardwork as Wave 891's Drive & Grind duo. I cried on air! (Sorry, couldn't help it.) Now my long-time partner is leaving for good. It's sad, really. But I'm happy for him. There are so many wonderful opportunities coming his way, he simply can't let them pass. Good luck, partna! It's been such a pleasure working with you!


Dear Bespren,

30 ka na din! But it doesn't really make any difference. Our ages are but numbers. We don't feel old at all, right? And damn, we're even hotter than we were when we were younger! Look at how the men in our lives go gaga over us! :)

But seriously, I wish you a birthday that's not only happy but joyful. I wish you lots of love, peace of mind and heart, good health, beautiful experiences, success and plenty of money! You've been through a lot in the past year, and look where you are now - in a better, happier place, where you're loved and free and most importantly, stronger. I pray that this is now the end of all the heartaches and troubles, ad the beginning of your journey to a truly beautiful life. I'll be here with you every step of the way, through good and shitty times, you know that.

Happy birthday and God bless you, Len. Love you! Dampa when you get back!


len said...

hear hear sa wish(es) na yan! thanks bespren :) see you soon! kwentuhan mo ko about rye :)

steph said...

hi dj anne! i haven't been listening to wave for the past few months because of my busy schedule in school. so, i'm just wondering, why will dj rye leave?