Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My big day's just around the corner. Very, very soon I shall become Mrs. Carilo. Sometimes when I stop and think about it, it still takes me by surprise. It can still seem so surreal, even after all the wedding preparations we've been doing. I'm excited! I know the days have been slipping by so fast lately. But still I want to go fast forward to September!

Almost everything is in order. You can check out our wedding blog for more stories and photos. We have yet to print our invitations though. Alvin's having a hard time getting principal sponsors. Hopefully everything will be done by this week. On Thursday, we'll be meeting up with our director and coordinator, Jet Loveria and the rest of DJTeam, Inc. I've worked with them for years, and they are amazing! We're kampante because Vin and I know our wedding program is in good and creative hands. We'll be meeting up with our videographer next week as well. Instead of a pre-nup photo shoot, we're actually doing a pre-nup video with Geronimo Photographico. I'm sure it's gonna be super fun! We're working on a few surprises for our guests, too. The creative director in me cannot be contained. I really want everything to be special, fun and different.

I had a little chat with my friend, May Valdez, this afternoon at the station. She told me about the weddings she has organized before. According to her, most of the grooms don't really want to be involved in all the planning and preparations. Corny. :(

It made me feel very happy and incredibly thankful for having a fiance who's with me every step of the way. We've become such an inseparable duo, Vin and I, for the past few months. We spend all our free time together, working on wedding preps, meeting suppliers, planning this and that. We even have a wedding preps scrapbook! Whenever we accomplish a task or two, we sit down and get crafty (and cheesy,too), complete with our stickers and colored pens and markers. That's probably the reason why preparing for our wedding hasn't been too stressful at all. We got each other's backs, we're always in it together, and we're having fun while working. For us, the journey's just as important as the destination. Every plan, every detail, every task accomplished together is a cherished moment.

Look at me, such a gushing bride! Bear with me, my dear friends. I'm giddy with excitement! Every time my fiance takes my hand, kisses it with a smile and says "We're getting married!" my heart goes on a frenzy. I just can't wait!



Claud said...

Best wishes, dear! :)

DJ Anne said...

Thanks much! :)