Monday, January 14, 2013

9 months!

My little girl turns 9 months today. 9 months. That's how long I carried her in my tummy. Wow. I have to say it again and again in my head just to convince myself that it’s real. The months just flew by so fast. The baby that used to fit so comfortably in her daddy’s palms is now a chubby little girl who weighs about 23 pounds and wears toddler clothes. She can now sit up, crawl, and walk with support. She can say the words “mama,” “car,” “daddy” and just the other day she learned how to high-five. It’s really amazing to witness all the changes and developments, all the things she experiences and accomplishes. 

New Year's Eve. Her very first.

Her most recent photo. Rockin' her big girl dress.

Time won't slow down for anyone. Pretty soon she'll be running around, meeting new friends, going to school. And she'll want to do things on her own. But now, while I still can, I intend to enjoy every single bit of her baby-hood. Mum's not ready to close that chapter just yet, and I don't think I'll ever be ready.

Happy 9 months, my darling! You make mum and dad so very happy. We love you!

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