Monday, December 30, 2013

Conquer 2014!

I haven't been allowed to announce it before the issue came out, but now that the Jan-Feb edition of Women's Health magazine is finally available in bookstores and newsstands, I can say, "WHEEE!!!"

I'm featured in their You Lose, You Win section, featuring moms who fought the fight vs. the preggy pounds and triumphantly won! I'm proud of this achievement because it highlights the commitment I've made almost a year ago to be fit and stay fit. Yup, not skinny, but FIT and STRONG! All the hard work paid off, and what an awesome reward!

And if that's not awesome enough, I've got another feature in another magazine! The Jan-Feb issue of Good Housekeeping is also out and I'm in it, too! They also have a weight loss feature and it was such an honor and pleasure to also have been chosen to be part of it. I have yet to get myself a copy but I guess now I can finally post photos from the shoot we had in November. Thank you, Kate (WH) and Nina (GH), for the fantastic articles and for the chance to be able to inspire other women who are also wanting to lose weight the right, safe and healthy way.

What a great way to start 2014! I'm so ready to conquer the New Year! #CommitToBeFit

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Claud said...

I read the WH feature while waiting at my dentist's clinic! Your discipline is inspiring!