Friday, March 10, 2006

Say cheese!

Enjoying the pictorial!
edited 3
ABOVE-LEFT: Me, Habs & Pam. I'm trying my best porn star pose! hehehe... you should see my pics with DJ Tayshaun. I decided not to post them here. Baka iba isipin niyo. hehehe...
ABOVE-RIGHT: The Wave Working Team...fooling around!
BELOW-LEFT: The lovely girls of Wave. Me, my buddy Jada, Lindy (our continuity voice), Gia and Pam.
BELOW-RIGHT: Pam, Gerric and me again trying on my porn star pose. :)

Lo and behold! The ladies of Wave 89.1!
edited 2

But then again, what the heck! Here's one of the "FHM poses" I did with DJ Tayshaun. (who's a very good friend that's why I'm super comfy doing the poses with him.)

Fun, fun, fun pictorial! :)

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