Tuesday, April 4, 2006


I turned 27 last March 28. It turned out to be a great celebration this year, despite the fact that my lolo had a stroke and my dad is in the hospital.

Treated my Wave friends to lunch, and we had food a-plenty. Enough to feed even the Jam people and everyone else who dropped by that day, March 23. The Jam people even printed a big birthday picture of myself, with the greeting "Happy Birthday Anne, from Jam 88.3" and both Wave and Jam peeps signed it. Fun, fun celebration!

Hon and I spent the night before my birthday at Holiday Inn Galleria. So nice to be spending the day with absolutely no work, no worries, and just watching movies 'til late.

Then, March 28, we celebrated at the hospital. Dad had his surgery on that day, so he was still in the operating room when we toasted to cake and KFC.

Not the kind of celebration I've planned, but I feel blessed nevertheless.


Hon and I had our usual saturday dinner and movie date at Eastwood.

We enjoyed our meal at Old Spaghetti House, and Bandidas after. On our way home there was this car in front of us in the queue to the exit. The young people inside were probably drunk. They were honking continuously at the cars ahead of us, which was really stupid because we were all in line and it's impossible to move ahead. Then as we passed by the tiangge outside I saw two teenage guys checking out the buys, gripping bottles of beer. I shook my head and told my beau, "iba na talaga mga bata ngayon." As if confirming my thought, while waiting for our turn at the Mcdonald's drive-thru, the teenagers in the van in front of us stepped out, chatted with the ones left inside, did a little pa-cute dancing while at it then walked away laughing and looking absolutely stupid. I guess most youngsters nowadays think being drunk and acting like an idiot in public is cool.

For a 27-year-old who is way past that stage, it actually looks silly. Then again, I never was like that when I was young. I smoked a lot, but I never became buddies with beer. Maybe I never had the chance to become that way because during college, I worked to pay for my tuition fee, only had enough extra money for Jollibee and a new pair of shoes, and my spare time I spent with my besty, or with UST's TC Radio, or at home with my family. I didn't have time to get drunk and act like an idiot. Sounds boring, you may say. Well, come to think of it, I'm thankful for it. Now, six years after college, my idea of cool is having a great career, a job that most people see as exciting and cool. Family, true friends, and a loving man to hold hands with - that makes life cool. Who needs a bottle of beer to be happy?


I was never born with beautiful skin. When I was younger, I guess I had good skin. Not the creamy, porcelain type, but smooth and fair enough. But I never really gave much importance to that, and now I miss those years.

Now I break out more often, and the pimples seem to have made permanent residence on my face. But this experience has taught me several lessons.

1. The derma can be your best friend. Before this problem, it never occurred to me to go to a real skin doctor, one who's in a real hospital. Now I have, and I congratulate myself for finally doing the right thing for my skin.

2. The derma knows better than me, or my friends who are not skin doctors, or even the skin products and services ads.

3. Expensive skin products do not always give beautiful results. Overdo it, and your skin suffers. Expensive doesn't always mean better and more effective.

4. Water is the cure. 8 to 10 glasses a day. If you can take more, even better.

5. When washing your face, never scrub your face with soap then walk around your bedroom, watch tv or talk on the phone, then rinse 20-30 minutes after. Admit it, a lot of us do that, thinking we are gloriously cleansing our faces. According to my derma, it's a no-no. Gently scrub for a few seconds, then rinse. You're not doing laundry.

6. Contrary to what some people think, going to the gym doesn't cause pimples. The exercise is fine. It's the rubbing of the face that causes the problem. So just try to avoid that.

7. I discovered Rolly of Jesi Mendez Galleria. Because I needed to hide the imperfections during my hosting gigs and public appearances, I needed the professional help of a good make-up artist. And eureka! I found Rolly! =) he doesn't only hide the pimples, he makes me look like a certified celebrity! So even after my skin has cleared, I will still be using his beautifying services. I realized that on stage, and under the spotlight, you simply cannot look ordinary.

And if there's one lesson you must remember forever:


If I had a 15-million-peso house in Corinthian Hills, with a pool and jacuzzi, my own gym, my own spa, plus servants at my bidding and a world-class chef, then I wouldn't need to go to a hotel.

Until then, absolutely nothing will cure my addiction to hotels.

Yes, I would so willingly spend half of a month's salary to pay for a two-night stay. I don't know what it is about hotels. My favorite spot: Discovery Suites.

Maybe it's the big, comfy bed. The heavenly feeling of your head sinking in the softness of expensive pillows. The thick, infinite-thread-count towels that are oh so immaculately white. The marble bath. The peace and quiet. And...

THE BUFFET BREAKFAST! (The most exciting part of your stay. For me, that is.)


That's why I skipped reflection and church during the Holy Week. I preferred to give myself a much deserved rest at Discovery Suites. I stayed by myself for one night, since my honey had work 'til Thursday morning. I had the big bed and all the pillows all to myself! =) I lay under the comforter, wearing absolutely nothing, and watched CSI and Cinderella 'til 2am. What can be more blissful than that? Wrapped around my beau's arms, of course. But I definitely enjoyed that one night by myself. =)

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