Friday, June 22, 2007

Chow finds to check out...

If, like me and my beau, you love trying out new restos and different places to chow, then here are some stops worth discovering (if you haven't yet, that is)...


Bright and beckoning, this charming cafe can be found in Greenbelt 3 or 4. Sorry, I don't really know where the boundaries of GB3 end and GB4 start. Basta it's there, hehehe, beside Bubba Gump (which is also a good place to eat).

The mood is light and happy, with almost everything in orange and yellow, and framed pictures in sepia adding a touch of the good ol' fashioned days. The food is cafe style, affordable and most importantly, delicioso.

Honey and I enjoyed our dinner of...
Pandesal rounds with banana heart and kesong puti dip for starters...

Back ribs in Tanduay sauce for my man and Tuna in Olive Oil Penne for me.

They could work a tad on their desserts though. What we had was okay lang - sabanana pie for me and kesong puti cheesecake for Alvin.




Pagkaing pinoy ba kamo? Kung panlasang pinoy ang hanap, dito ang tuloy sa C2 (Classic Cuisine). Picture pa lang, nakakatakam na diba?

One of the favorite places Alvin and I go to for great meals before our movie. It's located at the Cinema Level of the Shangrila. I know there's a particular name for the restaurants on this level, The Ramp or something. I'll do my research and get back to you on that one. But anyway, if you frequent Shang, then you know what I'm talking about. :)

On this particular night, we ordered Pinakbet, and I think Hon got Bicol Express. And I tried their Salabat Soda. Winner!

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