Wednesday, July 25, 2007! ;)

Found something new and interesting to busy myself with...

pole dancing

Pole dancing.

My friends, Nadine and She, talked me into it. And now I'm hooked!

Since I didn't have the slightest idea how pole dancing was, I was in for a big surprise on my first day: PUCHA, ANG HIRAP! Akala ko kasi ganun ganun lang. Hehehe. Hirap pala. You really have to give 100% effort into it - imagine climbing the pole AND trying to look sexy at the same time. Sounds easy? Wait 'til you try it.


So there I was getting bruised while really doing my best to learn the moves. But I was enjoying every minute, especially the last part of the session where we get to do adlib moves on the pole and try to look absolutely seductive. Ooh-la-la! I was thinking, let me practice this on my man! Hehehe.

These are pictures taken on my first day. I had a blast! And yes, I will continue doing this until I'm as good as Kuya Ed, the awesome instructor. :)


Best way to feel sexy is to do something sexy. And pole dancing will really put you in the mood.


Interested? Call MOVEMENT DANCE STUDIO in Wilson St. Greenhills. Pole Dancing classes are scheduled MWSat, 6:30PM. See ya there! :)

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