Monday, May 5, 2008


He makes a mistake. And gets away with it without a scratch? Sometimes I really do not understand the way management runs where I work. The boss has a favorite, and this favorite of his will get away with fucking anything. No wonder this person has no permanent friends at work. Even the people he considers his "posse" are now talking behind his back. At least on that aspect, I have won. I know that everyone else agrees with me that this person made a wrong move and deserves to be reprimanded.

I am part of the management. And even if I'm only second in command, I try to change things for the better. No more spoon-feeding. No more favorites. Everyone has to be responsible for their shows. But I can only do so much. If the one that leads the pack refuses to change for the better, then I do not see any bright future for the rest of us.

It's so fucking sad.

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