Monday, April 28, 2008

One restful experience


What's better than relaxing at Discovery Suites?

Relaxing at Discovery Suites with two people I love the most: my besty and my beau.


Day 1: Overnight with my bestfriend Len.

It was one long besty date, with lots of bonding and laughter and reminiscing. Sosyal pa! :)

My drawing Besty
Dinner at Burgoo Podium. We drew each other's faces. My drawing of Len looked quite a bit like her. Her drawing of me...well, it was comical. :)

Len was ecstatic about the big beds, with its thick sheets, soft comforter and plush pillows. So big she could stretch sideways and her legs wouldn't dangle off the bed. :)

Big bed yey!

And of course, our favorite part: the buffet breakfast. Heavenly!



eggs and pancakes

cold cuts


We woke up a little past 6am so we could get a nice table by the window. Deadma na sa magulong hair. Happy and busog naman. :)

Day 2: A quiet time with my beau.


It's been a while since we last stayed in a hotel. So we relished every minute together. Quiet time, just snuggled under the sheets and catching up on stories and thoughts.

We were supposed to go to the Podium for dinner. Tinamad na kami pareho, so we just had Chinese delivered to our room.

chinese takeout

So far, that was the best break I've had this year. Looking forward to my next stay at Discovery Suites.

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