Monday, April 14, 2008


You know that blissful feeling you get after finding something that's perfect for you? Like the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect top, the perfect dress that makes you look tall and slim, shoes with the perfect fit, the perfect shade of lipstick. Saya diba?

Well, I found the perfect makeup artist. And she makes me absolutely beautiful!

Parang wedding

Cheryl Cabanos of Essensuals Toni & Guy, who also does freelance. I was very much happy with how she made me look during our anniversary bash, so I got her services again, this time for my AICS graduation hosting gig. She went to my place as early as 730am, with her husband Jed carrying all her big makeup kits.

Parang wedding
Parang wedding noh? Feeling bride. Hehehe.

Her tools
Her tools.

After an hour and 30 minutes...voila!

The artist and her finished masterpiece.

Pretty me

Ang ganda ko. :)

Pretty Mommy

Even my mom looked fantastic!

And while Cheryl was busy making us pretty, Jed was busy taking pictures and making friends with our dog, Princess.

Jed and Princess - fast friends!
Fast friends!

I have found the perfect makeup artist for me. Any girl would know that finding the right one is no easy task. Instead of covering me up and hiding me behind layers and layers of makeup, she contours and enhances my own natural beauty. I love it! My own personal makeup artist. At last!

Thanks sis!

The artist and her finished masterpiece


At Essensuals Toni & Guy - 6330805
Personal digits - 09178552437

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