Sunday, November 30, 2008


Gas prices have gone down by 5 pesos this week, can you imagine that! Now the price per liter of Shell V Power is just P37.85! Hurrah! For my 500 pesos, I now get about 13.++ liters, compared to the 10.++ last week. What a blessing! And just in time for Christmas, too.

Now I know a lot of people are still not happy about this, thinking the gas companies could do better in bringing the rates down. Bahala sila. You won't hear me complaining. Basta ako, I'M GLAD AND THANKFUL. :)



I'm buying me a new camera this month. A Canon SX10 IS. Can't wait! I've been wanting to do some practice shots for the longest time. Nakakahiya kasi minsan with my simple digicam. Soon as I get my new gadget, I'm gonna shoot like there's no tomorrow. Hehehe. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

My beau Alvin and I are a duo of novice photographers. We haven't added much to our site since our Bohol trip. Hopefully, we can share more photographs soon. Sana dumating na yung camera mo, Babe. :)


Now that I'm done with my French 2 course, I feel like I should start learning something new again. French 3 doesn't start until January. I was thinking of enrolling in a Web Designing course, or Graphic Design. I've always wanted to learn Photoshop, and I don't just mean knowing how to edit photos. I want to be able to create nice ads or artwork. I want to do something creative and productive. Any suggestions?

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