Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been meaning to post some pictures last weekend. My french class had a nice lunch at Chocolate Kiss. And Events at Play is working on full blast once again, with a big project and our very own lighting equipment! Congrats, team! Last Saturday, Alvin and I trekked to Quiapo to buy our own photography lighting equipment. I took some photos while he set them up at my place to do practice shots. Photos will be up soon. Soon as I find the time, that is.

Everything has been so very hectic since we started Monday. We're taking graduation pictures until halfway through March. Sunday is the only rest day. Grabe! Work overdrive! After my 6-9am show, I drive to wherever the venue is for the day, take pictures side by side with Alvin while my sis Adie gradually blinds herself by staring at the PC from 8am to 7pm, photoshopping all the photos.


But I'm not complaining. This big project is a blessing. I can only mutter my heartfelt thanks.

I'm just wishing that I'll still enjoy my upcoming birthday, with all this busy-ness. I'm celebrating the big 3-0 on the 28th! It's a number worth fussing over, don't you think? I wanted to have a stress-free birthday month, but I guess that's no longer possible. I will make sure to have a party, though. It's gonna be paid for by my Daddy, which makes me even more excited!


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