Sunday, March 1, 2009

Go Team EAP!

Events at Play is busy working on something quite big right now. And for this project, which consists of a series of pictorials, we needed to buy our own lighting equipment. Alvin and I trekked to Quiapo one Saturday to buy the stuff, and we were beaming with pride and excitement as we brought home our very first photography lighting equipment.


My beau set it up at my place for some practice shooting.

Alvin: Okay, paano ba ito?
Anne: Wala bang instruction manual?
Alvin: (smiles) Wala, baby, eh.
Anne: Ah okay. Kaya mo yan!

One happy mani-niyut!

Adie poses with our softboxes.

And I posed for the test shots...



Congrats, team EAP! Go for gold! :)

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