Friday, March 27, 2009

And so I turn 30...

In a matter of minutes, I shall be another year older, and oh what a number! The other day while I was filling out my registration form for the Men's Health Miracle Run, my pen paused at the box that said AGE. What do I put? I am legally still 29. But the fun run happens the day after my birthday, so grudgingly I write down...

AGE: 30


That does not seem right to me. But the truth hurts, so I swallow my pride and admit to myself: TRENTA NA AKO. Thirty. Trente. The big 3-0!

Ang tanda ko na. Parang kailan lang highschool pa kami ng bespren Len ko sa Pame (Holy Family School). Nanood kami ng sine sa SM North. Princess Sarah starring Camille Pratts. Ngayon nanay na si Camille Pratts. Pucha! Ang tanda ko na nga! Hindi naman sa yun ang basis ano. Pero kasi bubwit lang si Camille Pratts dati. Ngayon may anak na siya. So what does that make me? A monkey's uncle.

So magre-reminisce ako ng konti ha. Wag ka na kumontra. Birthday ko. And this is my blog, so you just read on.

Dati rati... (yun!) nagba-bike lang ako sa BF tuwing hapon. Excited ako lumabas kasi makikita ko yung kapitbahay namin na boyfriend ko. My first boyfriend, Erwin Mark Angeles. I was in 6th grade back then. (Bata pa lang, ang landi na.) Ang baduy ko pa pumorma noon. Wala kasi kaming scanner so I can't scan my old pics and place them here. I'll try to have them scanned tomorrow. Anyway, I used to wear the weirdest things: tuck-in sa shorts, Rusty Lopez boots na mukhang DMs, jumper na match sa kulay ng sneakers ko. Ambaduy! Uso pa noon yung Color Me Badd, and my favorite song was Close to Heaven. Memorize ko pa yung spanish lyrics nun. Me vuelvo loco pensando en tu amor...Cuando te veo, tiemblo por tu calor... (Tama nga ba?)

Tapos nung high school, barkada kami ni Len. Together with Vochie, Zenia Budomo and Faye Auayang. Lumalandi na kami sa boys noon. I called up one guy na kakambal nung type ni Len (sino nga ba yun bespren?) and I made a script so I would sound spontaneous.

"I heard you have a twin. That must be interesting..."


On to my college years in Uste. Makapal pa kilay namin noon. I learned to shave my legs through my friend, Kat. I smoked like a chimney. And I fell (tumbled, crashed, drowned) head-over-heels with Anghelo Generoso. Ayaw ni Nadine yun kasi mukha raw chicharon yung nose niya. Pero mas guwapo naman ng 1 million times si Anghelo compared to her boyfriend back then. Hahahaha! Peace tayo, mare! And I had a huge crush on my Radio Workshop professor, Henry Bolo. Hindi niya ako type so he matched me up with one of his buddies from the hood named Alvin Carilo. At doon nagsimula ang love story ng buhay ko. :)

Grabe. Parang kailan lang noh?

Generations ago, by the time a woman reached the age of 30, her children were old enough to cook or gather wood for the fire. (Hmm...exagg naman yung gather wood. Basta old enough. You get the picture.) Ngayon, 30 na ako. Wala akong anak. Wala akong asawa. Pero meron akong boyfriend at nagmamahalan kami ng tunay. Meron akong career, sarili kong pera and the freedom to do whatever I want. Ayos pa rin naman, diba?

I have reached the age of 30 with different achievements, but achievements nonetheless. I have climbed the success ladder at work and now sit at the Assistant Station Manager's chair, with a KBP Golden Dove Award to my name. I bought my first car, and my second one. I have not made my first million...yet. I've made half, and that's not so bad, right? Back in college, my biggest dream was to voice for a TV station, like the Lifestyle Network girl. Guess what? I became the voice for Maxxx. Plus the other TV and radio ads I've voiced. I have traveled to a few places, experienced different cultures and traditions, and have actually tasted the McDonald's and KFC in another country. I put up my own events company, Events at Play Inc., with my siblings, my besty and my beau. Dati pangarap kong magka-boyfriend na white ang uniform nung college. At natupad ang pangarap ko nung naging kami ni Alvin kasi white ang uniform niya sa UERM. (Hehehe...ang labo.)

So, kahit madami ang nagsasabi na napag-iiwanan na ako ng panahon, I believe my life for the past 30 years has been extremely fruitful and trememdously exciting! I have achieved so much, and my list of goals still goes a looooooooong way! I did not miss out on anything. Not at all!

And although I cringe at the sight of these two digits on my bio: 30 - I can't help but smile (quite smugly, too) at what I've accomplished (not a lot but enough), where I am (on top of the world!), who I am now, and what I look like. I may be 30, but I'm still damn hot! :)

Tomorrow, I celebrate the Big 3-0 with Ronald McDonald, my dearest and closest friends, my family and in-laws, and my dashing knight-in-shining-armour Alvin. Looking forward to blowing all 30 candles on my cake. Can't wait!

And this is where Martin D and Billie sings:
Birthday ni Annjoy...Birthday ni Annjoy ngayon!


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cpsanti said...

happy birthday to you! i hope you have more years of fun and laughter ;-)