Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I did it!

I have always, always wanted to come up with my own food review blog. Since dining out and discovering places to chow are fave hobbies of my beau and myself, I thought, why not write about my gastronomic experiences? Initially, I wanted the blog to focus not only on restos but on hotels as well, since I share a passionate affair with hotels and everything that makes them divine. But checking in just to blog is kinda expensive for this radio deejay's meager salary. So food it is! I am procrastinating no more. After years of wanting to do this, I finally made it happen.

Check out my new blog and my very first feature. I hope that, in time, it turns out to be something like Julie Powell's. Baby steps, m'dear.

Join me as I chronicle the mini-adventures of a girl who loves to EAT & TELL - yours truly.


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