Saturday, August 14, 2010


I finally saw my partially complete wedding gown last night, and it's gorgeous! I had my second fitting with Mommy Virgie last night at her place. Since the groom is not allowed to see his bride in her gown before the wedding day, Alvin patiently waited outside the house. I was tempted to take a picture of the gown, in all its lacy, golden splendor. But I decided against it. Syempre dapat surprise. :)

I tried the gown on with my wedding shoes, too. I got them a few weeks back. My friend Pam and I went to the dep store of SM Megamall one evening, and went home with happy and triumphant smiles. Super bilis lang namin nahanap. It was like I was meant to find them right then and there.

Now that we're talking about SM's dep store, I am amazed at how fab their Parisian designs are now. I remember back then when their shoe styles were awful. You really didn't want to buy them no matter how easy on the budget they were. But it seems they've gone through a fashion overhaul over the years, and the shoes are just delish! Still inexpensive, and now looking so much better! Pam was able to buy a pair of very chic, high-heeled gray booties. The camel heels I wanted didn't have my size. But Alvin and I went to the dep store in SM North Edsa and found them there, and he bought the shoes for me. Yey! :)

Parisian and What A Girl Wants in SM Dep Store are now on mine and Pam's shopping lists from now on.


I got super imbyerna with the first printing company we found for our wedding invitations. They actually do printing for my Dad's school. Their rates are cheap, so Vin and I decided to get them to print our invites. The problem is, they're sobrang tamad! Or maybe they just didn't want to accommodate us. I was trying to get a quotation, and they really took their sweet time to come up with the very simple price list. I had to rush to their office pa and talk to the girl who promised to send the quotation to my sister's email a million years ago. I had to be masungit just to make them move. So, my fiance and I scouted for a different supplier and our friend, Tita Mags, recommended New World Printing Corp. They were able to deliver our invitations just in time. And the invites look so much better, too! The colors are brighter, the paper they used was better. More importantly, hindi ako na-stress.

So now Vin and I are acting like couriers, going around the metro to distribute our wedding invitations, braving traffic, heat and rain. Nakakapagod, but it's so much fun! Check out the design of our invitation on our wedding blog.



Someone told me, after finding out I was a radio announcer (and not a doctor or a lawyer), "Okay lang. Ang importante naman may trabaho."

This made me smile. I wasn't offended at all. I get this kind of reaction from a few people, and I'm used to it. People react differently when they learn about my job. Some chuckle and think that it's not an occupation to be taken seriously. Some, most of them actually, are impressed, sometimes awed. Radio DJs are considered celebrities, too.

I guess the most important thing of all is how I see my work as a radio personality. We go on air, wearing big smiles and making sure our voices sound like sunshine even if we're going through a storm. We fill the radio waves not just with music you love, but with all the knowledge we've got and all the humor we can squeeze out of ourselves. We take pride in knowing there are hundreds of listeners tuning in to us every single day, singing along with the songs we play, laughing with us, sharing a part of their day with us, making them feel happy or nostalgic, or sometimes mad and angry. We make you feel kilig everytime we greet you and your friends on air. We're voices on the other end of the radio you have at home, or the stereo in your car. Voices that have become your friends, your companions. We may not be saving lives like doctors in a hospital, or doing something huge and important like a lawyer fighting for a case or a politician passing a law, but we sure as hell try our very best to give you really good entertainment on your radio as you go through your day. We make sure you're not bored at work, or while you're stuck in traffic. We make sure every time you tune in, it's a worthwhile listening experience.

"DJ lang" daw ang work ko. I just smile.



Eden said...

hi!! i'm a preschool teacher who never fails to listen to your morning duo. I love what you do and makes me wanna switch career.. haha.. who said being a DJ was easy??

Anonymous said...

For me being a DJ is super cool! If I just have the talent I want it to be my job! Its fun! :) You're lucky to be a DJ!