Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This is how I'm feeling right now. And I'm hating it!

My OB advised me not to drive anymore. Pregnancy and driving don't really have contraindications, but because I can give birth anytime soon, it would be better (according to her and everyone else in my family) to have someone drive for me, and be with me at all times, just in case I suddenly go into labor or if my water bag ruptures.

So here I am, with no means of going where I wanna go, doing what I wanna do, without bothering someone else. For a woman who's used to being independent all her life, this situation is very frustrating!

Plus the fact that I'm feeling exhausted all the time, what with carrying almost 6pounds of extra weight in my tummy every minute of the day. People are now doing things for me - chores, carrying my stuff, running errands for me. If I were a spoiled brat, I'd be enjoying this. But I'm not. This independent chick is not liking this helplessness one bit.

I shouldn't complain. Life is being really wonderful to me. I just want my strength back. I miss it badly.

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