Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dearest Aria...

What an awesome nine months we both had! Now, love, we're nearing the finish line. Mommy and Daddy are going to meet you anytime now. And we are so happy and eager to welcome you to the world!

It's a beautiful world out here, my dear daughter. It can be stressful and chaotic and there are some people that you can never trust, but this place is full of sunshine and glorious rain! You'll be surrounded by family and friends who have loved you even before you were born. You'll be amazed at everything - the sun, the skies, the wind that will blow through your hair, the sound of dogs barking (they're our pets - Princess and Lily Potter), the feel of water when we give you a bath, even the softness of your pillows will make you wonder. Everything will be new and amazing for you out here, and Mommy and Daddy will be watching you every step of the way.

I know it's time to let go now. A part of me is excited to finally see you and hold you in my arms. But there's also a big part of me that wants to hold on to you still. For the past nine months, it has been just you and me. You were a big part of me. I felt you move, kick, swim, even have hiccups! I felt every movement, even the tiny ones that you thought you could hide from me. For the past nine months, you were my constant companion everywhere I went. You were my radio partner, my workout buddy, my silent date in restaurants, my travel companion, the one who listened to my whispers and grumbles and sighs. I sang to you all the time and sometimes you would sway or dance along with the music. Whenever I was feeling anxious or excited or happy or sad, I would touch you and sometimes you would give me a reassuring kick to let me know that I'm not alone. All those moments with you, my darling, were so beautiful and romantic! I look for words to describe exactly how those whole nine months felt, but the words fail to measure up to how wonderful it has been. Wonderful is an understatement. I know Mommy has to let you go now, any day you feel like leaving my tummy to enter the world. I'm going to miss you, little one. I know you understand exactly how Mommy feels. Before you're born, Aria, I want to thank you for spending nine months with me. It has been the best journey of my life so far. Thank you for every beautiful moment. We had so much fun together, right? I will never forget that.

You and I worked hand-in-hand to make Mommy's pregnancy smooth-sailing and terrific! I'd go through another nine months with you if that was possible. What a fantastic adventure we had, love! Are you ready for a new one? I bet you are!

Anytime now, dear Aria. Soon as that little gate opens and you feel like slipping out, Daddy and I will be here to welcome you with all the love and adoration we can ever muster. We're just here waiting for you.

Your name - Aria - means music. And you, my little one, are Daddy and Mommy's song of love. We love you! See you soon.



alynn217 said...

touched and teary-eyed. I miss my nin months with my big boy. Good luck and don't forget to enjoy the few last days of pregnancy. You'll miss it in one way or another:)

Olga said...

I love your blog. You're so sweet. How I wish mothers of these times are like you also. ARIA is such a sweet name. =)

anne asis-carilo said...

Thank you so much for your messages! My little Aria will be born soon, and I can't wait to introduce her to everyone through my blog. :)

God bless!