Friday, May 25, 2012

My maternity leave is almost over. It's amazing how I've spent almost two months just staying at home and taking care of my baby. No househelp, no yaya. Just me and Aria everyday. There were days during her first few weeks when she'd be impossible, crying all the time, and with me being a first-time mom I'd end up sobbing in frustration and exhaustion. But as the weeks passed, I learned to understand Aria's needs, when to do this and that. I'd like to think I quite understand her cries now. It's getting a bit easier as she continues to grow. There are still tough days, but I'm learning how to handle them.

Being with Aria 24/7 is sometimes a challenge. But most of the time, it's a pleasure and an honor. My little angel is so beautiful and perfect and precious. I look at her and feel a sense of pride all the time. I'm her mother. She belongs to me. And it's such a big blessing, a huge honor.

My leave is almost up. I'm glad though that I have a job that doesn't take too much of my time. I'll be experiencing what other moms have told me when I was still pregnant with Aria: I'll always be excited to go home and be with the little one.

I still have a week left. And I plan to enjoy every second of it, with my arms wrapped lovingly around my daughter.

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