Friday, July 6, 2012

Mum's musings on a rainy Friday...

Cold and rainy Friday. The kind of weather that makes you want to just stay in bed and zzz. But I have a 6pm radio show. So I reluctantly dragged myself to work today. It's getting harder and harder to leave for work. Not because of the rains making me lazy. But because of Aria. Everyday I bring her to my parents or my in-laws so I can go to the station and do my show. And everyday I wish I didn't have to. She's growing up so fast now, and my fear is that I might not be around when she reaches a certain milestone in her life. I want to be the first one to catch all these milestones. That's why I want to be with her all the time.

Life really changes dramatically once you become a mother. Your priorities change. The things that used to matter so much before I got pregnant seem ridiculously insignificant now. Now, it's all about Aria. The world revolves around my daughter. And the world seems so much happier and brighter now that it does.

At Aria's Baptismal Party. Photo by Litrato Juan.

She just got baptized over the weekend. We had her ears pierced the other day. And based on that last visit to her pediatrician, she now weighs 7 kilograms. That's 15 pounds. 15 pounds! I can only lift 10-pound dumbells in the gym. Aria's size at a week short of 3 months is already for a 6-month old baby. Wow! She got that from her daddy. Tee-hee! :) Her newest milestone is staring at her hands. (And she looks so adorable when she does that!) She is so talkative and her voice is getting louder everyday. I think that one she got from me. Haha!

While she seems so excited to grow up, her mum, on the other hand, is wishing time would slow down, if not stop completely. This afternoon, after a bath and a bottle of milk, she fell asleep lying on my chest. We were just lying in bed, enjoying the rain. I was looking at her face, kissing her tiny nose and smelling her breath. I was wishing that Father Time would take a break. Moments like that are just so beautiful you want to freeze frame it.

I could go on forever sharing stories about my daughter. She's definitely the best-est best thing that's ever happened to me. More posts about Baby Chum soon. When I find the time. When I'm not busy watching my little one grow up. This mum is just head-over-heels in-love!


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