Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear Alvin...

Happy anniversary! Two years since we exchanged vows. Twelve years of togetherness. Sounds like forever, yet sometimes it feels like everything just happened yesterday. Maybe because loving you never gets old.

We've been through a lot of things. Good things. Bad things. The in-betweens. And I'm happy and thankful because we always make it through together. Whether we're faced with rainbows or hurdles, we face them together, my hand in yours, our steps in sync. I'm really glad that in this rat race of a life, I'm partnered with you. I can't imagine waking up next to someone else, opening my heart to someone else, growing old with someone who isn't you.

Look at us now. Proud parents of a beautiful baby girl who's always so happy. I guess she can sense that her mum and dad love each other very much, and love her to bits, too. That's why she's always full of smiles. Thank you, sweetheart. Life can't get any better than this. Not even if we win the grand lotto. (Although winning the lottery would be nice, too.) I already have so many priceless treasures to be thankful for - you, your love and our sweet little baby chum.

It's 11:46pm as I end this post. A few minutes before your birthday. Here's hoping you'll have a great one, and that all your wishes come true. Except for a big bike. I still won't allow it. :)

I love you. Always and always. God bless you, my darling husband.

Your Wife.

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