Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ngalay ng Nanay

We have been lying in bed like this for two and a half hours already. She would stir every now and then to move her head a little, or move her arm. But she refuses to budge from where she's sleeping so soundly. Twice I tried to put her down on the bed beside me. She cried. She wants to sleep like this. This close to me.

So imagine not moving from this position for two and a half hours. This is what I'd like to call "mother's ngalay." I really don't mind if my butt and my back are killing me. I could stay in this position forever, holding my baby girl so very close to my heart, literally. If you could see her right now. Aria looks so happy and content, snoring a bit, too. I can't describe this wonderful feeling every time we're this close, whenever she's asleep in my arms, whenever she wants to be pressed close to me, letting my heartbeat lull her to sleep. Wonderful is an understatement.

Hindi pa rin talaga siya nagalaw. It's okay, love. You can spend the night in mommy's arms. I'm all yours.

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