Friday, May 31, 2013

Amazing Aria!

My little girl turned a year old last April 14. Sometimes I still can’t believe that all the months flew by and the tiny ball that I once cradled so tenderly in my arms is now this bouncing, chubby baby girl who’s always smiling and laughing and making loud noises. Before I got pregnant, I’ve heard parents talk about how their babies grew up so fast. Now I’m experiencing it first-hand, and yes, Aria is growing up so fast. Too fast for my liking, truth be told.

Photos from Aria's 1st birthday party
April 14  McDonald's ABS CBN

She’s slowly learning to walk on her own now. She’s still a bit afraid to let go of my hand, but she’s getting there. She already knew how to say “mama” when she turned four months. Now she can say words very clearly. Every time she sees me, she says, “Mommy!” Every time she sees her daddy, she goes, “Daddy!” She can say lolo, lola, tito, tita, baby, Mickey, monkey, doggie, pow-dow (powder), die-pow (diaper), bottle and stewimaw (Sterimar). She knows her toys by name – Mickey Mouse, Pocoyo, Lion, Giraffe, Dibo and Pororo. Ask her what the chicken said and she’ll go “bok bok bok!” She knows the duck goes “quack quack,” the cat goes “meow” and Timmy the lamb goes “baa baa!” She knows how to greet people hi” and “morning” and she already knows how to wave and say “bye!”  Amazing, isn’t it?

But what I find most remarkable was a brief exchange that we had the other day. I was putting a bib around her neck, and a few strands of her hair got stuck. She went, “ow ow!” So I quickly fixed the situation, saying, “Oh, sorry…sorry!” She looked at me and said, “Okay.”

That moment I knew for sure that my little one would be growing up to be a very smart girl.

It’s amazing to watch her learn more and more new things everyday. She’s just so full of wonder. Pretty soon she’ll be engaging in long conversations with me and her daddy, and I bet she’s gonna be one of those kids who talk (and reason out) like adults. And soon I’ll be chasing after her all around the house, too. Good thing I’m fit for that kind of job, literally. I’ll be writing about those things soon. Looking forward. 

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