Monday, May 6, 2013

Sexy is subjective.

Just recently, I’ve been bashed for not being a “clubbing” person. Apparently, this has become the new trend. To be labeled as in, hot and sexy, one needs to be always present in the clubs.

While it would be nice to be considered as hot and sexy, I don’t get why I should force myself to go to dark places where young people smoke like chimneys and drink themselves incoherent, and where the music is dangerously ear-shattering. No offense. I do enjoy being in the clubs once in a while. But truth be told, I have never been a “clubbing” person. It’s not something I’d prefer to be doing on a Friday night. I like peace and quiet, and smoke-free places, and coffee shops where jazz music plays softly in the background so you can easily share a conversation with friends without yelling on top of your lungs. I prefer going to the movies, checking out new dining places, having road trips and singing in the car. I prefer sweating it out in the gym rather than sweating in a sea of scantily-clad bodies. And now that I’m a mom, I prefer spending time with my little girl, taking her to Gymboree, or walking her to the park.

This is me. Simply me. While I enjoy the occasional drinking fest, getting drunk and feeling carefree, I’m really made of sunshine and nature and butterflies and candy. Not cigarettes and wine and heavy makeup and stilettos.

Should I be judged because I’m made this way? Does this make me a boring person? Does this make me any less of a woman? I’d like to think that the way I am, this lifestyle I lead, plus the fact that I’m already a mom, makes me all-woman. 100% woman. Now THAT is sexy. Don’t you think?

Just saying. 

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