Saturday, November 9, 2013

Update on my Daddy's condition...

Daddy's been in the hospital for two months now. His condition isn't so good. He has myelofibrosis. And his leukemia is starting to come back. His body is no longer able to produce red and white blood cells. So he undergoes blood and platelet transfusion almost every day. Everytime we need to look for donors, we all panic because when he needs transfusion, it's always a serious situation, a matter of life and death.

But inspite of all this, my Dad's will to live never falters. He may be too weak to even sit up on his hospital bed without support and without his heart rate shooting up, but we all see him fighting, struggling, to live, holding on incredibly tight to what little strength he has left to make it through every single day without giving up.

A reflection of our unwavering faith in God. We firmly believe that God is far greater than any disease. He is a God who makes miracles happen everyday. He is the Great Healer. We know that the Lord's healing is already working in my dad's body. This is His promise of life and healing that we all believe in and will continue to believe until the very end. We know that my Dad will regain his strength and health, slowly but surely, so he can eventually go back to the US for continuous care. In fact, I even envision him sharing stories with a very animated 5-year-old Aria. With God, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Please pray for my Dad. And for those who are willing to donate (Type A) blood/platelets, you can drop by the blood bank of St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City. They are open 24 hours. Kindly mention that it's for patient Manuel Asis. Thank you and God bless your good heart.

To all those who have donated, who are regularly donating, and those who have helped us get platelets from other hospitals (Thank you, Chiqui and Dr. Lacson!), my family and I can never thank you enough.

A song that my heart sings endlessly is this: God will make a way when there seems to be no way... He works in ways we cannot see... He will make a way for me.

I believe. I love you, Daddy!

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