Thursday, January 29, 2009

My thoughts exactly.

My new on-air schedule has started. Since Monday, I have been dragging myself out of bed at 4am. I make it to the station at 5:45, just in time for the 6am show I share with my new partners, Jada and Eri. Our show is called The Morning League (with Super Eri and the Wonder Twins). Don't laugh. Kanya-kanyang trip yan.

So far, it's been great. I'm tight friends with Jada for years now, so we jive along really well. And Eri is such a good conversationalist. So the adlibs just keep flowing. Perfect for the morning, actually. My mind gets stimulated enough, thoughts of going back to bed gets pushed back to one corner. My body is still adjusting though. I am naturally a morning person. But I don't normally wake up before the rooster does. Now I have to everyday. Still getting used to it. Pretty soon I'll be able to stifle the yawns.

We got a multiply account you might feel like checking out, if you want to look at pictures of the three crazy djs starting a ruckus every morning.


One of the perks of doing the sign-on shift is having loads of free time to do whatever you want! I can stay in the office and do my assistant station manager duties. If I don't feel like it, I can hit the spa as early as 11am. Or get a facial. Or watch a movie. Or have lunch and spend the whole day doing nothing with my beau. Or go home real early to dive under my comforter with a good book. Wonderful, huh? It actually means I'm not that busy lately. No rackets, which, under normal circumstances, would depress me. But with all this free time to enjoy life at a leisurely pace, who's to complain? I'm loving it!

I think that's why, in my opinion, I look younger and more vibrant these days. Could be the look of love I'm wearing. And it could also be the glow coming from all the time I spend on myself...without the stress. Or maybe because I feel lighter! I'm sticking quite well to my new year's resolution of not eating rice for the entire 2009. This is my 29th rice-free day. 336 days to go. I can do this!


With a lot of free time to spare, I get to be with my family more often. If I leave immediately after my show, I can even catch them for breakfast. Today was a treat. I decided not to join the company outing at Enchanted Kingdom and opted to go home early to catch up on some zzzs. My dad was still at home. Lots of time left to chat before he left for work. I had a lovely 2-hour nap. Then my sisters and I shared a big Yellow Cab Four Seasons pizza while watching Revolutionary Road on DVD, which quite bored us to death. But Kate Winslet is such an amazing actress.


My buddy Jada and I watched Australia yesterday. We'll be having an all-movies segment every Friday. Popcorn will be an hour of soundtracks, film trivia and reviews. So for the very first edition of Popcorn tomorrow, the spotlight will be on the latest Baz Luhrmann masterpiece.

After Moulin Rouge, which is one of my all-time favorite flicks, this incredibly talented film director, screenwriter and producer returns after eight years with a remarkable epic romance. I won't say much, as some of you might not have seen it yet, and it would be dreadful if I spoil the excitement for you. All I'll tell you is that it's a beautiful movie that will make you laugh, drive you to tears, break your heart but mend it back. A must-see.


January 23, 2009. We wrapped up our third project, and the biggest one so far. Underground Extreme - The Big Day. Conratulations, Team EAP! Props to the 8 teams that made it to the finals, and congrats to the big winners:

2nd runner-up: UP Manila
1st runner-up: Datamex Pasig
Champion: Mapua Makati

I am most especially proud of the team from Datamex. From the beginning, these boys have been the underdogs, with very little self-confidence. They told us about the many times they've joined dance competitions, only to lose repeatedly to big, well-known schools like Ateneo and La Salle. When they registered for Underground, they weren't expecting to make it, especially after finding out that their school was the smallest, if not unknown, on the list. But they were willing to give it a try. They made it to the finals, but the trials didn't stop there. Detractors tried to pull them down and out of the competition, saying they were not legitimate students, making up accusations to break their spirit. The Datamex boys did the only thing they can do - the wisest thing to do, actually - complete their requirements (the same set of requirements submitted by all the participating schools) and give it their best shot. And you know what? God is really good to those who are belittled. The underdogs won 1st runner-up.

He who laughs last laughs the most. Indeed.

And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.
(Matthew 23:12)

Watch out for UNDERGROUND EXTREME '09 coming this July!

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