Friday, January 16, 2009

Trinket Queen

I woke up today thinking of what accessories to match with my outfit for my hosting this afternoon. I'll be hosting a sort of fashion show at Robinson's Galleria, and I wanted to look...well, fashionable enough. :)

So I opened the big drawer in my closet where I keep all my trinkets, and I was instantly inspired to do this little feature. Over the years, ang dami ko na palang nabiling trinkets! Nakakatuwa. Different colors, styles, shapes, textures - all so fun to look at!

bangles bangles

Bangles are fantastic to wear with a simple outfit. One of my favorites is this colorful one I got from Promod. A little too big and heavy, but I fell in-love with the colorful circles, and it would go well with almost anything. So I knew it was mine to keep.

Bracelets for dressier outfits

Rings make chic fashion statements!


Nothing beats Get Happy earrings!


I am especially addicted to necklaces. I like them big, bold and flashy.



This one was a Christmas present from Alvin's family. I love this one, matched with my sundresses. Makes you look like an island chick.

And of course, the watches! Hooked on these tick-tocking devices.


Swatch offers endless styles and designs. Very affordable, too. And you should check out the watches of Bench. You'd be surprised at how great they look. Plus the price tags won't scare you away.


Different patterns and designs...


Different colors and shapes...


Different textures...

snake skin

The treasures of a Trinket Queen.

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