Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The month in a nutshell...

Time flies so fast, doesn't it? It's August! Just a couple more days to go before the "ber" months start. Grabe, Christmas na! Here are a few updates on what transpired during the past few weeks or so.

After months of sheer anticipation, we finally got to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Awesome movie! Though not as spectacular as the book. Many events were edited out, some of which I believe were quite significant and should have been part of the movie. It would have been fun to see Luna on the big screen as Quidditch commentator. In the book, she kept on forgetting the names of the Slytherin players, or got distracted saying nice things about Gryffindor chaser and friend, Ginny. We didn't see Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour in the movie, which makes me wonder how these characters will appear in the next flick. Their engagement was announced in the sixth installment, and Bill was gravely wounded by werewolf Fenrir Greyback. He will be appearing with a mighty scar on his face in Deathly Hallows, with a fondness for rare steaks. Snape as the Half-Blood Prince wasn't highlighted that much in the movie. For those who have not read the books, his story, a glimpse of his past, would have given you a better understanding of who Severus Snape really is. Why is this important? Because you will find out in the end that his character is one of the most magnificent and memorable individuals of both literature and film.

Nevertheless, the movie was all-in-all a spectacular one. It successfully and masterfully brought important scenes to life, particularly the death of Albus Dumbledore. It visually and emotionally captured each viewer, HP fans and non-followers alike.

Being the avid Harry Potter fanatics that we are, my girlfriends and I met up for a post-HP dinner two nights after we watched the premiere, where we had mugs and mugs of our own version of the popular butterbeer. :)

Melodramatic Facebook statuses brought us together again after a week. A spur-of-the-moment dinner at Baliwag Visayas Ave. The girls and our partners. Nadine and Jeje wanted to air out their woes of the heart, and Kath, my besty Len and I responded promptly like rescue teams for the distressed. There wasn't any time to lament, though, as we spent the evening laughing 'til our tummies ached. Cheers to friendship!

I finally found a trainer for my Lab pup, Lily Potter. As-Zoo Dog Training Services, owned by Den Valenzuela. I was able to get a good deal for Lily. So now she and our Boxer Princess are taking up basic and advanced obedience training at home. Can't wait to bring Lily out to see my friends, or have her jog by my side in UP Diliman on a Sunday morning.

My family and I got our US Visas! Woot woot! Quick and easy, too. But before you go thinking that the Americans are pretty lenient now, let me just tell you that there were more people who got denied, more people who walked out with dejected faces. At least from the batch of applicants that were interviewed before us. So I guess depende talaga. I think if they see the desperation on your face to leave the country, they will say no without any hesitation. We were approved without much questioning, probably because it was crystal clear on our faces that we did not want to live in the US and we had every reason in the world to come back home. Disney World, here we come!

Over the weekend, my family, my beau and I trekked to Enchanted Kingdom. AICS Family Day, just like last year's outing. The weather was terrible, but we still had loads of fun. A lot more fun this year, too, because Alvin was with me. Yey!

Looking forward to plenty more happy moments in the months to come!



9 years and 2 months since the day I said "yes!" The world will always spin every time we touch. I love you!

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