Friday, August 28, 2009

Need for Speed!

My dad handed me the reins to his Kia Sorento about three months ago. I wasn’t excited at first, because my purplish blue Honda Jazz and I have been inseparable buddies for more than two years. But after a week, I was converted! V6, 24-valve, double overhead cam, 3.5cc engine – my new ride was a roadrunner! All of the sudden, this chick wasn’t driving anymore. She was flying!

Yes, folks, I am a mad woman behind the wheel. I don’t mean reckless. I just drive fast. There’s something exhilarating about it, you see. Stepping on the gas pedal with exactly the right pressure to make you zoom forward, leaving the other cars behind to eat your dust. Snaking your way through traffic and getting ahead. Add to that the fact that I am a girl, and you know how people think majority of female drivers are either slow or dumb or both. No, sir, not this babe.

So now my Sorento (which I aptly named Prime) and I have become fast friends. We breeze through Commonwealth and Edsa every morning when I rush to my 6AM radio show. We race against time and traffic, and I get excited everytime I feel his powerful engine reverberating within his strong body of silver steel. You get your high from a caffeine fix. I get mine from speed.

That’s why I’m thinking of joining the M-150 Unleashed Northern Adventure Race. We’ve been airing the radio plug since last week. It’s a big race formulated by this new energy drink called M-150. If you haven’t heard the plug yet over Wave 891, it’s a point to point race from Manila to Baguio to San Fernando, La Union to Dagupan all the way to the finish line in Subic. Cool, huh? You have to finish the race the fastest BUT without breaking the law. Meaning, staying within the speed limits. I know, that made me groan, too. But hey, this isn’t a race for outlaws anyway. And as long as there’s no fuel efficiency involved, I’m in! The winner gets 50K cash and products and goodies from M-150 and their partners. 50K! Yeah! Eyes on the prize, baby!

The radio plug says you have to form a team of 2 or 3. So there’s me and Prime. Now I just have to sway my beau into sitting right next to me while I drive like mad. That shouldn’t be so difficult, right? Yahoo! Just writing about this is already getting me pumped up and excited! Should I or should I not? I’ll have a heart-to-heart chat with my probable co-driver after this. And of course, there’s the screening! This is probably for the M-150 people to check if you’re sane and safe enough to join. Hmm... I’m sane, I’m safe, and I’m a radio DJ. Can that be a plus factor? :)

The Project Launch and Screening will be held this Saturday (Aug 29), 9pm at the Greenhills Shopping Complex. The Northern Adventure Race is on September 19. Don’t ask me for more details, please. Just click this link –

You up for it? I know I am. Ready...set...vroom vroom!

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