Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shoes schmooze!

Found this entry on this Sunday's Post Secret blog...

I can totally relate, actually. I'm a sucker for shoes. Right now, I have about fifty pairs of different kinds of shoes, sandals, flats and slippers. The shoe drawers my dad had made especially for all my footwear are now crammed and everything that can't fit into them anymore are lined in neat rows under my dresser. I don't really wear all of them. Some I don't even like anymore. It's just nice to look at.

My recent purchase are these leather boots from Aldo. Props to me for not buying them on impulse when I was at the Megamall branch. It took me a week to decide whether to get them or not. They were very expensive, and I wanted to be really sure I wanted the pair before I shell out the big dough. Now, they're all mine and I absolutely love, love, love 'em! Plus with all the raves I've been getting, I'm convinced it's worth every peso!


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