Wednesday, November 11, 2009

*blush* encore!

During a meeting with one of our Big Bosses:

Big Boss: Do you already have plans of getting married, Anne?
Anne: Yes, sir. My boyfriend and I plan to get married by next year.
Big Boss: Ah, so soon?
Anne: Sir, matanda na po ako. (smiles)
Big Boss: Why? How old are you?
Anne: 30, sir.
Big Boss: Seriously?
Anne: Yes, sir.
Big Boss: Talaga? All this time I thought you were just 23 or something.
Anne: (bigger smile this time) Wow. Thank you, sir.

And this is where I blush (again). I'm mentally doing happy cartwheels. Another confirmation that I don't look old! Now the rest of my month is made.


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