Monday, January 18, 2010

Bonjour, 2010!

The past year has finally gone. There isn't much to tell about my 2009. I remember a part in the movie Up where Russell says the memories that he remembers the most are the boring ones. Sitting outside the ice cream shop with his dad, counting all the red and blue cars that passed by. The best parts of my 2009 weren't really grand events or milestones or achievements. They were all about simple joys and little things, mostly spent with the man I love. 2008 had been
tumultuous for the two of us. 2009 saw us recovering from past hurts, and healing and growing together. The past year saw us working side by side, doing more things together and spending more time with each other. The result is a love that is stronger than before. I'm glad that we went through very painful experiences in the past because they brought us back together in the end, with an even stronger bond and a more beautiful relationship. After all the stops and starts, I am happy and thankful that I'm standing here with my hand in his. These things may be boring to other people. But they're the ones I remember the most.

I braved cosmetic surgery early last year. Thank you to Dr. Rea Trinidad of Aescultura for a very successful treatment. The surgery was definitely the bravest thing I've ever done. I voluntarily went under the knife. I can still remember how painful it was, but I have absolutely no regrets.

Two years after I was promoted to Assistant Station Manager, I finally got a raise! That was a really big Christmas treat for 2009. It didn't add an extra digit to my pay, but I'm thankful nevertheless. In these trying times, with the recession happening and people losing their jobs here and there, I am in no position to complain.

And of course, 2009 ended with a bang of an adventure - the holiday tour in the US with my family. It was an awesome trip! We went to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, El Paso and New Mexico.

I was able to link arms with Minnie Mouse, wave with joyful tears at a real Santa
Claus, see wondrous aquatic creatures like otters and jellyfishes and sea horses (the kind you'll never find in our local aquarium), ride the famous Cable Car through the streets of San Francisco, learn about new cultures and cuisines, play with real snow and experience waking
up to a Winter Wonderland! Plus, I got a whole steamed lobster all to myself during one of our lunches in San Fo. How cool is that! :) And all the pictures I've gathered were all rich with new experiences and beautiful sights. Absolutely the best way to end a year that was good to me in a different way. It made me enjoy the little things. It made me feel young again.

Now I'm ready to face 2010. I got a feeling this year's going to be awesome! And I'm starting it with a fresher and more positive outlook, ready to embrace change and usher in all things new and shiny and wonderful! I'm crossing my fingers and saying thank you to God in advance for the many blessings and opportunities to earn and grow. Like Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Jerry Maguire, I spread my arms and say out loud - "show me the money!"

And, this is also the year that I'll be turning into Mrs. Anne Asis-Carilo. Yup, we're tying the knot this year and we're ready to face a new adventure towards forever. We're not doing it the traditional way, and that's what I like about it. Very Sex and the City. Very Carrie-exciting. I'll let you in on the details soon.

I'm giving 2010 a high five. I'm smiling brightly at life, and my heart does a somersault as it grins back. Let this be my time to shine! And it will be.


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