Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bora Bora!

And so finally, the outing that took eight years in the making pushed through. The whole Wave 891 family flew to Boracay for a much-deserved weekend vacay. Would you believe that was our very first out-of-town company trip? Anyway, we're just happy we finally went to the beach together - the jocks, the AEs, the technicians, the spinners, the management team. Saya!

With my roommates on our last day in Bora: Wave jocks Jason, Anne, Jada and AEs James and Czar

So even if we were very badly inconvenienced by Z-Air (I will diss some more at the end of this post), and even if we weren't able to parasail and go island hopping, we still had an awesome time. 'Til the next outing! When? Geez...I really don't know.



We came up with a new tagline for the airline that took us to Bora:

"Z-Air. Where your inconvenience is our #1 priority!"

Okay, this is why we are pissed with this God-forsaken airline. Our flight to Boracay was delayed three effin' times! We were there (well, at least majority of my officemates were. I was late. Tee-hee!) two hours before the scheduled 12:20PM flight. What time did we leave Manila? 2:45PM!

!*@*#! (String of profanities here.)

And this is why that delay really ticked us off big time. We were gonna land in Kalibo! There was still that 2-hour ride to the pier before the 20-minute ferry trip to our destination.

!*@*#! (Profanities yet again.)

When we finally got to the hotel, it was dark and drizzling and we were all dead tired. Day 1 in Bora was totally wasted. Boo!

But wait, there's more! They were thoughtful enough to think of feeding the passengers they already pissed off. Lo and behold! The meals were like rations. Three to four measly pieces of pork and a cup of plain rice. We took one look at it and went, "Sinong binaha?"

You think the story ends there? Think again. Going back to Manila, our flight got delayed...AGAIN! Susmaryosep!

Our verdict: The award for Major Loser Airline goes to...(drumroll)...YOU!

In fairness, it was a smooth flight. But then again, that all depends on weather conditions.

On a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to El Paso, I remember the attendant saying this over his microphone:

"We know you have plenty of choices when flying. Thank you very much for choosing Southwest."

We do have a lot of choices. It should be an honor if the client chooses you. So if you want the zest zapped out of your vacation, you already know what airline to choose.

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