Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello, San Fo!

Down to the last week of my US holiday. My family and I are here in San Fo, last stop before we fly back on Friday. It's 8am here, and I am loving the city already, even if I haven't gotten to know it just yet. The morning air is a cold 50-degrees-Fahrenheit, or even less. Our hotel is by the bay, and you can hear the seagulls soaring about outside. I guess it's the thought that my vacation is almost over that is making me feel quite sentimental. I'm trying to savor the last few moments of this trip, and I'm glad San Francisco is capping the experience.

This whole Holiday break has been wonderful. New experiences, new places and sights, endless photographing. From sunny (but still very cold) Los Angeles and San Diego in California to the vast deserts and mountains of El Paso and New Mexico. Now we're back in California, in the welcoming arms of another new city. Hello, San Fo!

Christmas and New Year were spent in El Paso, where my family and our close relatives gathered together for turkey and steaks and presents and love. Our Uncle Fred taught us a lot of things and introduced us to real Mexican food and new ways of eating corn and other vegetables. I learned a bit about old American culture, history, western music, traditions and many other things. It's been great, and now I find myself missing El Paso already.

I'll be home in a few days, blessed with more knowledge and experiences to start the new year. It definitely has been a terrific and unforgettable three weeks. Looking forward to coming back to America again next Christmas and explore and learn from other states. But before I say au revoir, let me enjoy my last few days here in San Francisco.


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