Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I've learned so far...

Being married means re-discovering your partner all over again in some ways, even if in our case, Vin and I have been together for a decade. Living together in one roof will show you little things that you never saw before. And I think the keys to make things work are love, communication, adjustment and compromise.

We lovingly adjust to each other's little quirks and OC-ness. Vin doesn't like spillage on the lids of ketchup bottles or peanut butter jars, so I keep them clean. I'm a messy cook, with dishes strewn all over the sink and peelings piled on the countertop. Vin cleans everything up, so my kitchen remains spic and span. When eating toast, he simply scrapes the surface of the butter lightly to keep its rectangular shape, so I follow suit. I eat ice cream straight from the tub and cake straight from the box, and he now does the same. I cook, he cleans, I wash the dishes, he wipes the table and the place mats and refills the jar of lemon water and takes out the garbage. He picks up after me, I pick up after him, without so much of a grumble.

At the end of the day, when the lights are all turned off, we whisper a prayer together and hold hands while we sleep. It's wonderful. The greatest challenge now is to keep our marriage this beautiful as time goes by. We're taking things one step at a time, learning things by the day, enjoying each moment and celebrating every little progress. Our adventure is just beginning and so far the ride has been terrific. I believe the secret is to let God take the wheel and trusting His itinerary.


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