Friday, October 1, 2010

Here's hoping...

A true leader has faith in his people. He believes in their capabilities. His faith in them is unwavering. He gives them chances to grow and spread their wings and shine. He gives them the chance to become leaders, too, someday.

A true leader is a diamond in the rough. In time, we will find ourselves someone who can really lead us. Someone who is not easily swayed. Someone who has the courage to say what's on his mind, and is never afraid to be honest. Someone who will not look for a scapegoat for his failures and wrong choices.

For now, unfortunately, we have to settle for the one who does not have the capability to lead or inspire. But though he disappoints with his incompetence, let us not be disheartened. Let this not bring us down. The failure of the King may be a heavy burden to bear, but it cannot shake the strength of the army. Let us continue to give our best, fight every battle with passion, give what we are expected to deliver. Let our hearts remain steadfast, with the hope that someday, a true leader worthy of our love, respect and loyalty will rise.

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