Saturday, October 2, 2010

Watch this!

I found this on Youtube. My very first dubbing project with Twenty Plus Studios - SECRETO DE AMOR. Circa 2004-2005. I got the lead role, Maria Clara, and my leading man, Carlos Raul, was voiced by my good friend Jess the Blade. The project was directed by Direk Liza Cornejo. When I found this clip, I felt myself drift back to many years ago, when I was still quite new in the industry.

Before Twenty Plus, I was already doing projects with Roadrunner. My very first telenovela with them was that Ian Veneracion-Vina Morales-Eula Valdes series. I was a newbie, but I won the bida role! I got the part of Vina Morales. Wow. Trip down memory lane.

Dubbing is LOVE!


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