Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Aria...

Seems like you've created a circus inside my tummy. There seems to be so much activity going on in there. I know you're developing into a happy baby, because you're always dancing and kicking and doing tiny somersaults.

Your Daddy and I can't wait to see you, little one. We're always excited everytime you move. Do you feel Daddy's hand waiting for your kicks? Yes, that big hand is Daddy's. And sometimes when you feel some soft tapping from outside, that's me trying to wake you up because I want to feel you move.

Other mothers tell me that once I reach the third trimester, I'll start feeling bored and impatient with the pregnancy. Mommy doesn't feel that at all! In fact, my dearest daughter, I'm savoring every minute, every second with you. You can't imagine how happy you make me everytime you swim about my tummy. It's a feeling that I would always want to experience, and while you're still in there, I hold on to every moment. Having you inside my tummy is simply wonderful! It's like having good company all the time. It's true, darling. I feel like I'm never alone because I have you with me day and night (literally) and it's great! I hope you're also enjoying all this time we're spending together.

Your Daddy went to the mall today to look at some nice headphones he can get for you. I know you've been exposed to a lot of music already, what with your Mommy being a radio jock and all. But he wants to buy you headphones so the tunes can reach you clearly. I don't know if you dig classical music. I honestly get bored to death. If you're not not liking it, too, then just give me a kick. I have a lot of happier songs to share with you. You know that quite well because Mommy has been singing to you for the past seven months.

You are loved so much, dear Aria. Mommy and Daddy love you to bits! We can't wait to hold you in our arms. See you soon, little one.



len said...

i'm one of those who got impatient during the final stretch of pregnancy - must've been the dengue, heartburn, and carpal tunnel haha :) only a short wait before you finally see aria! exciting!

anne asis-carilo said...

oo nga, i remember na you had a little difficulty during the last few months. sabi nila ganun daw pag boy ang baby, but Doc Leslie says it isn't true daw. i guess the important thing is sloan turned out to be a healthy and well-developed baby. :) yup, almost near the finish line. praying for a normal (and easy) delivery. :)