Saturday, March 10, 2012

Move it!

Bed rest. I never thought I'd be hearing my OB say those words. I was advised to go on bed rest for three days after I had some painful contractions. It was a bit of a scare for me. I've just entered my 33rd week and it's still too early for little Aria to come out. So I had to take it easy, rest, take meds and be glued to my bed for 3 days. Fun, you think? Not for someone active like me. Sure, Aria and I got to bond. But even my baby got bored with no movement.

Now my bed rest is over! Wheee! Can't wait to go back to my favorite form of exercise - Barre3! If you were able to catch the article on Inquirer Lifestyle two weeks ago, then you have an idea of what barre3 is about. It's a workout that combines yoga, pilates, ballet and a bit of strength training. I've discovered this a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. The pic I posted is the Inquirer article. I was chosen as one of the students who best embody Barre3 Philippines. So my photo and a short interview was included in the article. It was an honor!

So today it's time for me to get back on my feet and move it! My OB gave me the go signal to exercise but not on a daily basis, which I don't do anyway. 3x a week of barre3 sessions and/or a few kilometers on the cross trainer - that's my fitness routine. And even if I feel like an elephant, what with this huge watermelon of a tummy I've got, I still feel absolutely fantastic!

Aria's doing A-OK as well. The other day, we had her heartbeat checked and had an ultrasound again. She's happy and healthy in there. Good heartrate, good breathing. She was playing "close-open" with her fists when we saw her during the ultrasound. Then she gave out a big yawn! How cute is that! My husband Alvin and I were ecstatic! Thank You, God, for keeping our little one safe and healthy.

33weeks. Homestretch for me already. OMG, I'm almost there! Can you feel my excitement? I still have a few weeks left to have Aria all to myself so I'm gonna cherish every single moment, every kick and every stretch. And I'll be sharing with her every place and every activity that I love so she'll learn to love it, too. Like exercise!


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